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Remapping or 'Chipping'

Engine re-mapping is also known as 'chipping'. Whilst we would all like a little more power from time to time few motorists would want to utilise extras such as bigger exhausts or induction kits for the small power gains they offer. 'Chipping' is therefore a more efficient and aesthetic way to increase your vehicle's performance – including improving throttle response, as well as economy and towing ability.

When carburettors were replaced by injection and engine control units (ECU), the art of tuning became more complicated. Instead of utilising a screwdriver, a computer and software are now needed to tell the ECU what to adjust. These new programs were installed on a micro¬chip which plugged into the car's circuit board – hence the term 'chipping'.

So as vehicles have evolved so has the technique with most tuners plugging in a laptop to the diagnostics port and uploading software to adjust the fuelling, drive-by-wire throttle response, turbo control, engine load and torque limiters. This is commonly known as remapping, but some still refer to it as 'chipping'.

Most buyers are interested in improved performance that chipping offers, but it's not only supercars that respond well to the modification. Diesel remapping benefits greatly, with typical power and torque gains of 30%, sometimes up to 50%!!! Petrol units can also see good improvements, with the largest increases found on turbocharged engines.

Forced Induction Petrol Vehicles

Large power and torque gains are achievable on these engines, up to 25% or more, depending on the type of vehicle. The vehicle will feel more responsive and eager with the power arriving earlier, staying right through the mid-range and not tailing off. Overtaking ability is greatly improved.
  Normally Aspirated Engines

Non-Turbo engines can obtain up to 10 - 15% more power and torque depending on vehicle and engine type. In addition to greater power and torque, we will eliminate drivability issues such as; poor throttle response, flat spots (hesitation) and generally improve the torque or "pull" at lower levels making the vehicle much nicer to drive.

Turbo Charged Diesel Engines

These engines are capable of the most impressive gains from our software, up to 50% or more power and torque is available. These gains depend on the vehicle and engine type with torque always being very impressive on these engines once they have been optimised.

Power will be available through a much wider band than before making for a much smoother driving experience. Overtaking is vastly improved and steady and as a big benefit (depending on how you drive!!), fuel consumption can be improved due to the engines ability to "pull" in higher gears. This is very useful for vans, commercial vehicles, towing, 4x4's and MPV's.

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